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10 Awesome Outdoor Wedding Photography Poses You Can Try!

Outdoor Wedding Photography Poses

It’s true, the photographer will capture your wedding on camera forever. However, what your photo album won’t tell is how many times you stumbled over your own feet trying to take that perfect picture in front of the camera.

The trick with posing for photos is that whatever you do has to feel natural and come from the heart. Poses shouldn’t have to be rigid or forced (unless that’s your real goal) cute ones are when you are relaxed or enjoying it. The most natural and cute poses are those that are slightly effortless and appear as if they came naturally.

To help you with this, here are some awesome outdoor wedding photography poses couples can try!

Outdoor Wedding Photography Poses

The First Glance

This is a must-have wedding photography pose! The first look a man takes at his wife-to-be in that stunning, long gown is something every couple would love to have in their wedding album.

The First Glance in outdoor wedding photography

It’s a moment where the bride and groom exchange loving glances with one another. It’s the perfect time to capture this intimate moment and make it last forever!

It would be a good idea to take this photo in private so there would be no disturbance and the couple would be able to act naturally.

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Just Got Married!

This pose is perfect for outdoor wedding photography and you can use it in almost any setting. All you need to do is get the groom to place one hand on the bride’s shoulder and the other hand on her waist. The bride should place both her hands on her groom’s shoulders.

Just Got Married

This pose is ideal for couples who want to display that they are newly married and in love. This is a very easy pose to do, but you can really make it stand out if you choose a light background (like rocks) to make the subject pop.

Capturing The Train

If a bride is going through all the trouble carrying that train on her dress, don’t let it go to waste.

Capturing The Train in Outdoor Wedding Photography

For this pose, the bride would have to stand with her back to the camera, taking a glance over her shoulder to show her side profile in the photo. Also, don’t forget the bouquet she’s carrying, make good use of it before she throws it away for someone else to catch. Let the flowers bloom in the photos!

The groom should be standing in front of her, with a hand in his pocket, or stand beside her with a hand on her back.

This photo will look better near a huge tree that will stand on the opposite side of the direction they look in.

learn all about the dress train styles here.

Strolling Hand In Hand

Photographs of the couple strolling next to each other, hand in hand represent how they’ll now share the same path for the rest of their lives. Experiment with this pose walking both towards and away from the photographer.

Strolling Hand In Hand Outdoor Wedding Photography pose

This traditional bride and groom wedding photography pose work well at the coast, on a wildlife trail, or in an urban setting with the town as a background.

I Love Swings!

One of the most classic wedding shots, and the one that most people picture when they think of a wedding. Make sure you have a swing well-decorated with gorgeous flowers hanging from a tree.

I Love Swings in Outdoor Wedding Photography Poses

Make the bride lean back on the swing and the groom should be standing behind her, looking at her from above. Capture the moment their eyes meet with a smile on their faces. Or both can sit on a swing and pose for the photo. Whatever you do, make sure there’s a swing in the photo!

Make sure their love for one another is captured in the photograph.


When taking a picture, the photographer wants to capture the most interesting and dynamic aspects of the subject. One of the most exciting ways to capture the dynamic aspects of your subject is to capture them in a twirl pose.

Twirl-Twirl-Twirl In outdoor wedding photography

Capturing a subject in a twirl pose can add a lot of energy and life to your photograph and can make your subject seem more natural and interesting.

It’s a great way to add interest to a portrait and can be used in many different ways to capture a unique shot. It can be subtle, but will still look great in your photos, or it can be more exaggerated for a fun and artistic feel.

The Classic “Veil Toss” Pose

The “veil toss” pose is one of the tried and tested poses for couples looking to capture some beautiful photos outdoors. The trick to pulling this off well is to make sure that both the groom and bride are aware of where the photographer is positioned and how they will be shooting the scene.

The Classic “Veil Toss” Pose Outdoor Wedding Photography

This ensures that both the bride’s and groom’s faces are clearly visible in the shot. The bride should then lift the veil over her face and toss it away from her with a flourish. Just ensure the groom catches the veil before it hits the ground!

Another pose that includes a veil is that the veil should be ‘flying’ behind the bride while the groom is in front of her. To create that ‘flying veil’ effect, tie the veil loosely to a tree or something else nearby.

This pose is a guaranteed classic and one that will be remembered as a beautiful memory when you look back at your photo album in years to come.

Lying On The Grass

The green color of the grass will prove to be the best background with that white gown! The couple is simply lying on the grass, their fingers intertwined and staring longingly into each other’s eyes. A little knee bend will look better in that pose rather than lying straight.

Lying On The Grass in Outdoor Wedding Photography

You can also experiment with some autumn leaves or daisies to add color to the photo and make it more appealing to the eye.

A Happy Couple Is A Good Couple

For this pose, the groom should stand behind the bride and wrap his arms around her waist. The bride should then place both her hands on top of her husband’s and clasp them together.

Hand positions can be changed according to what the couple desires.

Happy Couple Is A Good Couple in Outdoor Wedding Photography

This is a great pose to try if you want a photo that screams “we’re so happy to be together!” This is a simple pose that requires no special skill or knowledge, but it can also be a really cute and romantic photo if you execute it right.

This pose is best suited to open countryside and fields where there are lots of beautiful backdrops for the photographer to use.

The Shoulder Rest

This is a well-known pose where the groom is embracing the bride in a hug, and the bride comfortably lies her head on his shoulder. This pose will show how protected the lady feels in her man’s arms.

Shoulder Rest Outdoor Wedding Photography

This pose will look the best in a garden with trees and flowers as a backdrop, this background will add a fairytale vibe to the photo.

Work On Yourself

The poses will never look good if you are all nervous and stiffened. To make yourself look better in the photos, make doubly sure you and your mate are both at ease…


The posture has a huge impact on a person’s looks and personality, the same goes for photography poses. Make sure your posture is good during the shoot, avoid slouching and other such bad postures (which are very common now, thanks to the gadget we have in hand).

Smile Naturally

Never force your smile for a photo, always think of happy moments of your life that will make your smile a wide smile and make your eyes shine bright.

If you look happy, you will look beautiful!

Follow Your Heart

If you follow your heart in everything you do, why don’t you follow it when capturing your big day?

If you want a photo in a certain pose, don’t hesitate. Inform your photographer exactly what type of photos you crave and how you want it done, you are paying for it!

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Wrapping Up

As you can see from this guide, there are many different poses you can try for outdoor wedding photography. The trick to these poses is that you have to make them look effortless and as natural as possible. If you can do that, you’ll have some unforgettable wedding photos to remember your special day by. Remember, wedding photos are meant to be a fun experience, so don’t worry about getting the “right” or “perfect.” Instead, try to relax and have some fun with it!

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