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How Much RAM Do I Need For Coding?

How Much RAM Do I Need For Coding in 2023

A 16GB memory is the mark that I am setting for hardcore developers. However, pushing the boundaries to 32GB is what I would recommend. That’s because it’s not just a simple code execution but a whole software development on a laptop using different IDEs. For that purpose, a good RAM is vital to easily achieving your coding goals.

When a computer or laptop is equipped with a memory higher than required for an application, you’re in a win-win situation. That’s because you still have extra memory to run other applications simultaneously.

That benefits your laptop’s or computer’s performance by complementing to remain smooth. In the case of 32GB RAM, everything that I said can be expected.

Is 4GB RAM Enough For programming?

For simple HTML and CSS execution, sure it’s enough, but for pro-level programming, no, 4GB RAM is not enough.

Your laptop or computer will give you hard even if you execute an IDE for development. Developing higher-level software or a whole new system with a laptop is near impossible.

Is 8GB RAM Enough For programming?

Again the answer is no, the 8GB RAM can do a little better as compared to 4GB RAM but overall, it’s not meant for professional-level programming.

As I mentioned earlier you need to have at least 16GB of memory on your computer if not 32GB. This is how will make it to professional-level programming.

How Does More RAM Help?

RAM is an essential part of your laptop that stores temporary data for as long as your application or program is loaded in it. If a computer comes with low RAM, you may not find it pleasant.

That’s because when you run out of memory, your computer starts lagging. As a result, your screen hangs and you have no other option but to shut down your system using the power button. However, in case of large memory, your computer performs as per your expectations.

How Strong Of A Computer Do I Need For Coding?

It depends on what type of IDE you’re using to code. If it’s something that can’t be handled by an old-school laptop or computer, you need a powerful machine to cope with that software. Either way, let me set a mark of the system requirements for coding which is going to work the best for all levels of programming.

System Requirements For Programming

CPUIntel Core i7-1165G7/AMD Ryzen 7 5700u
GPUIntel Iris Xe/Intel HD Graphics
OSWindows 10 and Above

Such configurations are enough for your coding or development needs for the coming 10 years. Of course, you can upgrade things to get the most out of your computer.

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DDR4 vs. DDR5: Which one is better for coding?

DDR5 is of course the latest gen and much better than DDR4. However, the DDR4 RAMs are not outdated either. For programming, you can DDR4 RAM but DDR5 RAM is the latest and it helps improve the bandwidth and power consumption in the best way possible.

Getting a DDR5-gen RAM for programming is much better, not because the DDR4 is bad but because I would rather go for the latest one than stick to the older RAM.

Does More RAM Make Code Run Faster?

Yes, it does improve the speed of a code execution because more RAM is directly proportional to performance. The more the RAM, the better performance on a computer no matter what application or program you throw at it.

For professional programmers, I have already set the mark of 16GB to 32 GB. The same is the case for all other jobs like video editing or photo editing.

How Much RAM Does A Developer Need?

Developers have preferences!

Let’s say you’re a school student and at the initial stages of your development career, getting 4GB RAM on your laptop or computer is enough for you.

Whereas if you have stepped up your game a little bit as compared to a school student, you can move on to 8GB RAM to develop some low-level programs.

However, if the game is leveled up to professional-level development where building a complex system is compulsory, sticking to 32GB RAM or 64GB is even better.


The matter is clear, for basic programming, 8GB RAM suffices. However, professional-level programming needs some brutal memory size to cope with the complex IDEs.

Now you can scale your needs and decide which RAM works better for you depending on what you’re doing on your computer.

Guys! I hope everything is clear to you now at this point. If you have any other questions, you can ask them and I am always eager to answer them like this one.

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