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Creative Portrait Photography Ideas: Simple Hacks for Everyone!

Creative Portrait Photography Ideas

Creative portrait photography is no less than art!

If you are an Instagram blogger, a model, or just a simple girl wandering around the city, you NEED some cute clicks to preserve the memories forever.

Creative portrait photography can capture the essence of a person in a way that traditional posed portraits cannot.

By using unconventional perspectives and compositions, creative portrait photographers can convey the unique personality of their subjects.

Whether it’s a playful child, a reserved senior citizen, or a charismatic musician, a creative portrait can capture the subject’s true essence.

In addition to highlighting the subject’s personality, creative portrait photography can also convey their emotions and inner thoughts. By telling a story with their images, creative portrait photographers can create truly memorable and one-of-a-kind portraits.

Follow this guide on Creative Portrait Photography Hacks to give a new perspective to our regular photos.

Creative Portrait Photography Ideas

Check out these tricks to get stunning clicks the next time you pick a camera up.

Include Reflections In Your Image

In photography, reflections can add a touch of magic to an otherwise ordinary scene. By including reflections in your images, you can create a sense of movement and energy, as well as add an element of mystery.

Include Reflections in your Image

When photographing reflections, pay attention to the angle of the light and the position of the camera. For example, shooting into the sun can create dramatic effects, while shooting from a low angle can give the appearance of a calm and serene surface.

Experiment with different compositions and vantage points to capture the most striking reflections.

Look For An Inspiring Background In Your Everyday Settings

Anywhere can be a great place to take photos, you just have to know how to look for an inspiring background. Begin by looking all over your everyday surroundings for potential interesting compositions to include in your photos. Look for interesting colors, patterns, and textures that you can use as a backdrop for your photos.

Look For An Inspiring Background In Your Everyday Settings

Once you’ve found a good location, try to move around and experiment with different perspectives. Get close to your subject, use a wide-angle lens, or get up high to change the way the background looks in your photos.

By changing your vantage point, you can totally transform an ordinary background into an exciting one. So next time you’re out and about, keep your eyes open for interesting backgrounds that will make your photos stand out.

Keep In Mind The Color Theory

Any photographer worth their salt knows that color theory is an important part of creating stunning images. The right colors in the right places can make all the difference in a photograph, and choosing a backdrop is no exception.

Keep In Mind The Color Theory

For instance, let’s say you’re taking a portrait. The background should complement the subject, not compete with them. A busy pattern or bold color might be too distracting, whereas a neutral or muted hue will help the subject stand out.

It’s also important to consider the color wheel when selecting a backdrop.

Opposite colors on the wheel, such as blue and orange, can create a pleasing contrast. And complementing colors, such as green and purple, can create a harmonious look.

By keeping color theory in mind, you can choose a backdrop that will help make your photos pop.

Incorporate Themes To Add Interest

When it comes to creative portrait photography, incorporating themes can help add interest and variety to your images.

Incorporate Themes To Add Interest

For example, if you’re photographing a friend who loves to read, you could include books in the background or foreground of the image. Or, if you’re photographing a nature lover, you could include elements of nature such as trees, flowers, or even animals in the picture.

The possibilities are endless! So, get creative and have fun incorporating themes into your portrait photography.

Experiment With Different Perspectives

As a photographer, it’s important to experiment with different perspectives in order to capture the most interesting and eye-catching images. By changing up your vantage point, you can create totally unique compositions that reveal new details and insights about your subject matter.

Experiment With Different Perspectives

So don’t be afraid to play around with different angles and heights – you might be surprised at the results!

For example, instead of always shooting from eye level, try getting down low to the ground for an insect’s-eye view. Or, climb up on a stool or ladder to photograph a building or landscape from above.

Even something as simple as turning your camera 90 degrees to shoot a horizontal scene in portrait orientation can make a big difference. Therefore, try your luck and experiment; you never know what you can find.

Slow Down The Shutter To Visualise the Motion

A camera shutter is a curtain inside the camera that opens and closes to allow light to reach the film or image sensor. Shutter speed is a term used to describe how long the shutter is open for every picture you take.

When using a low shutter speed, the shutter remains open for a longer period of time, resulting in a longer exposure. This can be used to visualize motion in a photograph, as any movement will appear as a blur.

Slow Down The Shutter To Visualise Motion

Low shutter speeds are typically used in sports photography, as they can be used to capture the dynamic movements of athletes in action. It can also be used to capture the motion of water, creating images with a soft, dream-like quality. Use these effects to create eye-catching photos. Be Creative!

When using a low shutter speed, it is important to use a tripod to keep the camera still, as any camera shake will result in a blurry image. (If you think about it, you can use this blur to your advantage if you let your mind explore the possibilities)

Add Shapes To Create a Bokeh Effect

Bokeh is that delightful effect in photography that blurs the background and transfers all the focus to the subject at hand. An aperture with a small opening produces bokeh. Because of the low aperture, the object in the foreground appears sharp and is emphasized, whereas the background is all foggy and faded.

Add Shapes To Create a Bokeh Effect

Bokeh is an awesome effect to use in portrait photography because it creates a stunning picture by blurring the background! There is a photography tactic that allows you to transform this blurriness in the background into a shape!

There is a scientific theory of why this occurs, rather than teaching you about it and making your mind blow up with all the physics (as if we don’t read it enough in school), I’ll simply tell you how to make it work in practical life.

And luckily, there aren’t many supplies required.

All you need is black paper (Black and Black only, so light won’t be able to sneak in through it) with a tiny shape cut out on it (The shape you want in your picture). Then place it over your camera lens, you can use a rubber band to keep it from moving, and you’re done with the ‘art and crafts.

The next step will be bringing the shape into the portrait!

Pick your DSLR up and toggle it to the manual mode and change your aperture to the smallest number possible. The lower the aperture, the incredible the depth.  This produces a fantastic bokeh experience!

Converting your camera to manual focus gives you complete control over the focusing process. Experiment with it till you see the shapes show up!

Use Natural Frames

As any photographer knows, the right frame can make or break a photo. A frame can help to focus the viewer’s attention on the subject, and it can also add a sense of depth and perspective. One way to create an effective frame is to use natural elements such as trees, bushes, or rocks.

Use Natural Frames

By careful placement of the camera, it is possible to use these elements to create a border around the subject, drawing the viewer’s eye inward. This technique can be especially effective when photographing landscapes or other wide-open scenes, but it can add a sense of uniqueness to an ordinary portrait as well.

In addition to serving as a frame, natural elements can also add interest and texture to a photo. Photographers can produce pictures that are both captivating and harmonically rich by carefully placing these elements.

Play with Light And Shadows

No one can deny that lighting is important in photography but we often avoid shadows to prevent them from interfering with our photos.

Play with Light and Shadows to create portrait photography

However, the shadows can have a great impact in adding a mesmerizing effect and hooking the viewers up!

Experimenting with different shadows such as that of a leaf, a window, and even a building’s shadow covering half of the face can make your portrait unique and creative.

Take your camera and go out in the field looking for shadows to enhance your images NOW!

Capture A Silhouette

A silhouette photo can sometimes appear more appealing than a regular portrait.

You wouldn’t need an expensive camera with advanced features to click a Silhouette because you’re only exposing the picture’s bright regions and allowing the subject gets totally black. In fact, you can capture silhouette photos with just about any device that offers exposure control.

Capture A Silhouette

The very first task in creating a silhouette photograph is to locate a fascinating source of light. Usually, it is the sun, but no one would stop you from trying out different light sources.

To make your Silhouettes more interesting, try out unique poses such as dancing, back flips, or certain hand gestures in your photos.

Follow A Fandom

Various fandoms would die of excitement if they find any reference to the series/book they love. Try out different themes to attract those fan girls.

Follow A Fandom

For instance, you can make your model wear a Gryffindor robe with a wand in hand to make the Potterhead go crazy over your shoot, or you can add three ravens (as temporary tattoos) on your model’s collarbone to tell the Divergent fans that you are looking out for them.

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It’s a Wrap

I have shared all the ideas I could think of to make your portraits stand out, but those were my ideas. You can now start brainstorming and you will be amazed at how your brain works after getting a little push in the right direction!

Do share your thoughts in the comments and tell us how else can you make simple portraits creative!

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