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Are Gaming Laptops Good For Everyday Use?

Are gaming laptops good for everyday use

With the evolving cycle of technology, we’re standing in a place where the hardware on laptops is powerful enough to cope with anything thrown at it. This made some of you think that “Are gaming laptops good for everyday use?”.

A late answer to this is yes it can be used for everyday use and at the same time, it can’t be. Here’s the answer to your Why, “Bearing lightning-fast hardware that can take on anything is one thing but gaming laptops are heavier than normal laptops. Not only that but there are several other factors that are going to decide whether you can handle your gaming laptop for home or office use. That’s why digging deep into the question would be a great idea and on the basis of that analysis, let’s answer accordingly.

What is a gaming laptop?

As you may know that modern titles are highly hardware hungry in order to run these games smoothly. That’s where the gaming laptop comes into play by offering the best graphics card, processor, RAM, storage, and display. whereas, there are levels of a gaming notebook that starts from the entry levels and ends at the flagships. In between medium-level gaming laptops also exist which are budget-friendly alongside entry-level laptops. However, the flagships are more expensive and can eat up a good portion of your money. Shortly enough, a gaming laptop is a composite of powerful hardware components and beautiful aesthetics that can take on graphics-hungry games without hesitation. Now knowing the types of gaming laptops can actually be another step towards knowing whether a gaming laptop is suitable for everyday use or not.

Entry-level – Yes

Entry-level gaming laptops are normally counted as budget laptops that have a limited amount of graphics capabilities alongside other acceptable hardware. Such laptops’ battery life is on steroids and in comparison to the flagships, they are lightweight which makes them suitable to carry around with ease. Whereas, using them for home, office, or any other activities is a good thing as these starter gaming laptops allow you to do so. This drags us to the conclusion that these gaming notebooks are portable and powerful enough to deal with the tasks that we mostly perform on daily basis. Moreover, the price range of these machines ranges from $500-$800 which are also affordable to get your hands on.

Medium-level – Yes

The medium-level gaming notebooks are one step ahead of the entry-levels on the hardware side. Whereas, most of them are portable because of their compact and lightweight design. They have enough graphics cards, RAM, processor, and storage to deal with the tasks like graphics designing, photo editing, and video editing apart from gaming. So for medium-level gaming laptops, it’s a big yes to leverage them for everyday use. As for the price, you can set a budget of $900-$1300 for such laptops.

Flagship gaming laptops – Yes/No

As clear from the name, these are high-end gaming beasts that can deal with any game smoothly in all settings. Whereas, with the top-notch hardware that they possess is tend to take on the heaviest of tasks without hesitation. However, the portability factor is compromised on such laptops because of their heavy weight and big size. So the portability excludes it from carrying around. On the other hand, they come with sky-scrapping price tags which aren’t affordable for a normal person out there. So the answer for these gaming laptops is in between yes and no because if you’re the person who goes out of his house more often, portability can be an issue. But if you stay all day long in the same place, the hardware of these flagships will take care of your daily life tasks.

Recommended Hardware

Now that you know which type of gaming laptop is best for normal use, let’s have a look at what hardware such laptops must hold onto so that we get a clear vision of our answer.


Although there are many processor options on laptops out there, the Intel Core i7-11800H is the finest one that you must opt for. Such a CPU is a beast with almost 4.6GHz max clocking speed and is considered the best for performing daily life tasks. On top of that, the AMD Ryzen 7 5800H is also similar to the Core i7-11800H that has almost the same capabilities and either of these two can do miracles for you. On the GPU side, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti is the one that no other can beat in graphics-related tasks.

RAM & Storage

There’s no other way around 16GB RAM and it’s the best of all in multitasking alongside gaming. You can open 20-30 tabs on the chrome browser and open up the heaviest video editing or android studio software all the same time on a laptop with such an amount of RAM and it’ll never back down. On top of that, the SSD type of storage with a 512GB capacity adds up more to the performance with its high data transfer rate per second.

Thick or thin?

Well. it’s obvious that a thick gaming laptop is hard to carry around and if you do so, it’ll make you exhausted in no time because of its weight. Whereas a thin gaming notebook is feather-light, and carrying them around is no big deal. Now the answer is dependent on your situation, if you travel more often, a thin laptop is what suits you better, however, if you stay at home all the time and prefer to work there, a thick or heavy gaming laptop is the one you must go for. Regardless, I still recommend you a thin gaming laptop because it’s more on the safe side maybe you can decide to work outside and you may not go out because of a heavy laptop.

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Honest opinion

So the last answer for gaming laptops is to use them as a normal laptop or for work is a straight-away yes based on the facts that I gave you. Go for a thin gaming laptop and hardware that I recommended which will lead you to leverage your gaming laptop for almost everything. I will personally prefer such a machine because I am a software engineer and blogger plus I need some gaming entertainment in my spare time. So there’s no other way around going for a lightweight thin design and powerful hardware.

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